Ever Improve: a guide to managing production the TOC way

(2008, 2010)

Oded Cohen

It is a fundamental book on flow management used by TOC practitioners all over the world as a comprehensive step by step guide to implementing TOC logistical solutions for production – Make to Order (MTO), Make to Availability (MTA), and Make to Internal Availability (MTIA). Ever Improve is widely recognized as the base for developing solutions for other environments.

Ever Improve presents TOC concepts, mechanisms and techniques with rigor and clarity, and provides the reader with detailed knowledge and instructions how to implement it. The book summarizes Oded’s developments and over 35 years of experience in production and flow management.

Ever Improve is a significant contribution to the TOC body of knowledge. It presents the solutions in the format of well-structured interconnected Injections. Each Injection is described in detail and covers the knowledge about the Injection, the current undesirable effects (UDEs) in the production environment that the Injection removes when implemented, and  the mechanics to implement it.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Managing for Improvement
  • Part 1: TOC Systematic Approach – The U-Shape
  • Part 2: The Reality of Production and Operations Management
  • Part 3: TOC Solution for MTO
  • Part 4: Implementing TOC Solution for MTO
  • Part 5: TOC Solution for MTA
  • Summary of the book

The book is 502 pages, soft covers.

The book can be bought as an eBook at


Oded Cohen is one of the world’s well known names in the Theory of Constraints (TOC). He has nearly 40 years of experience in developing, teaching, and implementing TOC methodology, solutions, and implementation processes while working directly with Dr. Goldratt all over the world.

He was one of the developers of the logistical software for production scheduling called OPT, the TOC thinking processes, and the TOC management skills.

Oded has brought his expertise to educating a whole generation of TOC practitioners and implementers. He is also a co-author of the book, Deming & Goldratt: The Theory of Constraints and the System of Profound Knowledge, The Decalogue – a ten step approach to implement continuous improvement.

Oded is a co-founder and co-president of TOCPA – the Theory of Constraints Practitioners Alliance.